The Cave

Other Classes in The Cave!

The Cave offers a wide variety of classes to add specific skill work to our program. These classes focus on particular aspects of movement and health.

Mobility and Yoga

Our mobility and yoga program is comprised of two class types. One is a yoga class designed to work with our CrossFit program to further help athletes develop their potential. Its curriculum is tailored specifically to the daily programming in the CrossFit program and can not be replicated with classes outside of the program. These classes can also be taken alone as lighter workouts or rest day activities. The second class is a stand alone Vinyasa Flow class that brings quality yoga instruction to an athletic approach.

WOD Recovery Yoga

WOD Recovery Yoga introduces athletes to another form of movement designed to improve their WOD performance and overall fitness. Each class will include poses and transitions to improve performance in 5 of the 10 general physical skills crucial to overall fitness: Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. Classes will be sequenced to improve mobility in foundational movements like squats and designed to help unwind the body from previous workouts.

Athletic Vinyasa Flow

Athletic Vinyasa Flow is a fast paced yoga class designed to challenge athletes and yogis physically and mentally. Each class will focus on strength, core stability, flexibility and postures to help improve overall athletic performance.

Mobility is an undervalued attribute in most contemporary fitness programs. Strength and musculature are useless if you do not have the mobility to achieve efficient positions. Come in and dramatically increase your flexibility. Improve your posture and reduce your risk of injury.