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What is The Cave?

The Cave is a facility dedicated to the health and fitness of its members. The Cave is a community of people that support each other in their endeavors. We build health, fitness and community through CrossFit, gymnastics, parkour and other activities. The staff at The Cave is a highly trained team from diverse backgrounds with the same underlying principle: We care about you.

Do you have childcare? What can my kids do while I'm working out?

We offer a different kind of childcare. Instead of dropping your kids off at in a room designed for unstructured free play, we offer developmental classes for your kids while you train. Your whole family can train at the same time. Get your kids involved in activities that will help them develop skillsets they can use for the rest of their lives, all while you train hard and have a great time.

Are there classes for beginners?

We have beginner classes in all disciplines. For CrossFit most classes are open to all athletes. Trainers are available to help tailor a daily workout to fit your specific needs. This idea of properly scaling individual workouts pervades the entire program; personal application in a group setting. This is how we achieve better results than personal training.

How old is too old for gymnastics/parkour/etc?

There is a general perception that gymnastics is a sport for young children. If your goal is to become an Olympian, then you will most likely need to start very young. If your goal is to just have some fun, learn new movements and get in shape then it is never too late to start. We have had individuals in their late 50s begin programs in both gymnastics and parkour with much success.

What about nutrition?

Proper nutrition is critical to enhancing performance and maintaining health. We will help you through education in proper eating. We will help you develop a manageable relationship with food so you can thrive. We recommend eating proper proportions of foods that come from sources as close to nature as possible. The Zone and Paleo diets are great resources.

Gymnastics Questions

Why is gymnastics so important?

Gymnastics is a truly foundational sport. It is well established that gymnasts pick up and learn new sports faster than other athletes. The body control and strength to weight ratio developed in gymnastics is unrivaled. It has also been well established that engaging in complex physical activity helps with cognitive development. Begin a sport that will yield dramatic benefits in many areas of life.

Parkour Questions

What is parkour?

In its purest sense, parkour is traveling from point A to point B as quickly as possible, regardless of what is in the way. Parkour is about learning how to fluidly navigate an environment. Expanded to "free running", parkour can also include acrobatic elements to allow for expression and fun while navigating a path.

CrossFit Questions

What is CrossFit?

This question has been asked repeatedly. This question is thoroughly covered here, What is CrossFit?

Is it true people get hurt doing CrossFit?

CrossFit can be dangerous if performed without caution or knowledge of proper mechanics. There have been injuries in the global CrossFit community. This is why our approach involves a lot of instruction. You will be taught how to perform the movements safely. You will be taught how to progress properly. Our client base covers all age groups and ability levels. We know how to work with individuals with injuries and/or histories of joint trouble.

Don't I need to be in shape before I come to your gym?

We actually hear this question often. When you see the people training at our gym it is easy to come to this conclusion. Getting people in shape is what we do. We are very good at it. So good, in fact, that in two to three months YOU will be one of the people that cause new visitors to ask this question.

How do I get started?

You will need to go through our Foundations Program which involves 5 sessions with a trainer. In these sessions you will learn most of the fundamental movements utlizied in our CrossFit program. You will also establish baselines for yourself and learn how to approach the workouts. Give us a call at (415) 927-1630 to schedule your sessions.

How often should I work out?

This decision is mostly based on life situations. Optimally, you should train close to a 3 days on/1 day off schedule. Your rest day should include low level activity. Often times individual schedules make this difficult. We have had successful members with a wide variety of training schedules. We can help you plan what is best for you.

I'm really into endurance sports like running and cycling. Can I do both CrossFit and endurance sports? Will CrossFit help them?

Absolutely. We have worked with endurance athletes with pretty diverse needs. Some have simply done our standard program, others have used a tailored version of our program. From casual endurance athletes to world class competetors, we have seen significant performance improvement in their sports with a proper application of CrossFit.

I travel a lot. Can I do this on the road?

Many of our members travel quite a bit. We have specific "road warrior" workouts that you will have access to. These workouts can be performed with little to no equipment and virtually anywhere. Additionally, you will learn how to train better. We are not simply assigning you workouts, but we are teaching you about human adaptation, health and fitness so you will be more prepared to train even when you are unable to make it in to our facility.

Do you offer personal training?

In most cases group classes are the ideal situation for training. We do offer personal training to help individuals get started, or work with very specific needs. Also, personal training sessions can be used to supplement group sessions in order to work on the nuances of a specific movement, estabish a training protocol to deal with a specific need, or just to address personal health issues.