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Our testimonials page contains statements from everyday clients of CrossFit Marin. These are not a select few that have shown abnormal progress. These are the folks that you will be training along side when you come and join CrossFit Marin. You can ask all the questions you want of the people that are actually seeing these results every day. We will never state "Results not typical". These results are typical, in fact we expect them.

I am soooo happy with all of the skills, courage, and confidence that my two daughters, ages 3 and 6, are learning! Their coaches are awesome! They know just how to motivate and engage them. - Tonia Ganzhorn

Since being at Crossfit Marin (5 months now) I am sore A LOT and was beginning to think it was a weakness I had, until I realized that the only reason I rarely got sore at the conventional gym I belonged to before, was because I rarely "challenged" myself. Before, when I occasionally challenged myself, I could barely walk or do everyday movements for 4 days. Now, after a typical extremely challenging workout at CFM, I can walk and do the everyday movements without discomfort (most often!) and don't notice muscle soreness until the next intense workout usually not more than 48 hours later. So I've gone from barely being able to move around for 4 days, to attacking at least 2 more intense workouts in the following 4 days. So even though I'm often sore, the improvement in my recovery rate speaks for itself!"

Thank you Roger, Andres, all the great trainers who are also great peeps and mostly Stephanie for being that "beacon light" at the "other" gym that guided me here! - Patricia McCormick

At the age of 51, I still like to ride my off road motorcycle with my 20 year old son. In the past after a ride of an hour or two I would get pretty winded and generally wiped out physically. After working out with Roger and the CrossFit team for a little over 4 months I went on my first ride since I began exercising.To my great surprise I didn't get winded at all! Even my son noticed the difference in my stamina. CrossFitMarin has radically affected my life. It's even fun! - Jeff Nichols
Pastor, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Marin

Through the Crossfit program I am in the best shape of my life - and I am 47 years old! Plus I am having fun getting fit. I am stronger, more flexible, and more agile. A year ago I felt "creaky." Now I feel strong. - Dieter Zander spend your day thinking about how to rearrange your schedule and/or the right negotiation tactic with your spouse to fit in your workout. That was me yesterday. I hadn't worked out in over a week, was starting to feel that trademark missing-my-exercise antsy-ness, and all I could think about was how I was going to get a free 90 minutes to get to a class. I haven't felt that antsy-ness for years, and I loved it. Just 3 months ago it would have been the opposite -- I'd use my packed schedule and family commitments to excuse myself from fitting it in.

The other turning point for me this week was a little less dramatic, but no less monumental. I spent last weekend helping my mom move. My energy lasted all day and wasn't the least bit sore despite lifting boxes and furniture for two days. I feel like I have my life back! Yay!

So glad we found your gym. It's truly outstanding. Your staff is exceptional (really, how did you find such tremendous people?), the culture you built is remarkable, and your setup is ingenious. My daughter and I are hooked (as is my husband by association!). - Stephanie Berner

Hey Andrecito…I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for dragging me out of 24hr. and having brought me into CrossfitMarin. I really have enjoyed my time there so far, and I’m slowly reaching my goals and feeling great about myself. (Eventhough that muscleup still seems unreachable!). At any rate, I think I told you once that out of my entire drab day, I only feel to come alive when I’m there with you guys. I love Stephanie and the way she pushes us beyond our limits. Your advice and Roger’s wisdom have truly been invaluable to me. The parkour classes are soo on-point it’s ridiculous. I only wish I could come more. You guys are the best, and am really honored to have met you, (as well as Eva T., Annie, and Jolie of course…).

But anyways, this weekend I went down to Carmel by the Sea, and it was there that I hit this perfect handstand. I must’ve held it for at least 30 seconds, and people around me where very impressed. So I thought I share this picture with you guys and at the same time thank you for all your enthusiastic devotion.
Thanks Crossfit Marin. - Carlos Echandy

As a competitive swimming coach since 1966 the one thing I believe with certainty about all sports, indeed life itself, is that the most important muscle in our body isconfidence.

In December of 2012 we were disappointed in our team's general lack of athleticism. Nearly all our high school age swimmers are exceptional in the water. We competelocally and nationally. We had two swimmers represent our team at the 2012 Olympic Trials. But we wanted more; more power on our starts, stronger pushes from the turns,more upper body strength and more core stability.

Long story short: after research and meetings we decided The Cave was our best facility. They stressed an injury pre-hab level of instruction which was a key forus. Injured swimmers cannot train. We began in January of 2013 and utilized their programming for the past 8 months. We finished in early August with our best showingsnationally and locally.

Every swimmer who participated faithfully was faster, stronger and injury free. They became over time more confident in themselves because they knew and could see their improved physical being.

It works for those of us older folks interested in being strong all the way to the end. I am 67 and after 4 months of working out with the crew at The Cave this morning I did my first full unassisted pull up in 15 years! I am more confident, walking a tad taller today.

Thanks to Roger and all his instructors for taking such good care of our swimmers and me personally. My time and money are being well invested!
- Don Swartz
Coach, North Bay Aquatics

I started doing Crossfit when I was almost 54 years old. I was beginning to feel old, where even getting up out of a chair seemed more difficult than it should be. My weight at the time was about 215 lbs. I had been an athlete during my youth and struggled to exercise as an adult: hit and miss, on and off.

Two and a half years ago was the beginning of my physical transformation. Having known Roger for a long time, having performed the wedding ceremony for he and his wife, I asked Roger to coach me. He and Andres were just beginning Crossfit Marin, I was their first client.

Two and a half years later I am feeling great. My weight is now about 180 lbs, I am more fit than any time since high school and stronger than ever.

I not only enjoy the physical benefits, but appreciate the social and competitive aspect of working out in a group. - Bill Berry

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I was inspired to start CrossFit when I was having trouble keeping up with my 2 year old daughter (yeah, quite the wake up call). When I started working with Roger and Andres, I couldn't do a single pull-up, and had to scale every single workout. At a typical gym I would have gradually lost the motivation and slipped back into bad habits. But the incredibly supportive culture of CrossFit, and The Cave in particular, kept me coming back. There are a few aspects of The Cave's culture that made it a great fit for me:

Just Show Up
I love the fact that I don't need to have a "today I need to focus on X" mentality. All I have to focus on is showing up. Once I'm in the door, the warmup and workout are on the board, and the instructor will direct the timing. I keep showing up and following the programing and I keep seeing results - when I started I barely knew my Lats from my Glutes, but I've still seen great improvements.

Shared Effort = Communal Bond
I look forward to going to The Cave. I've become friends with many of the members and look forward to seeing them. We commiserate over particularly difficult workouts, and encourage each other to push our individual limits (seeing someone get their first pull-up is a beautiful thing).

Fit Family
As a parent I want to encourage my kids to avoid the poor exercise habits I used to have. What better way to do that than to make fitness a fun part of the family routine? At The Cave my wife and I can do our CrossFit workout, while our kids are having a blast doing gymnastics and being inspired by cool parkour moves. I've visited a lot of CrossFit gyms across the country, and The Cave's family friendly culture is very unusual - I've been to boxes where swearing seemed to be mandatory - and I appreciate the effort The Cave has taken to build a civil, nurturing environment.

I've been coming to The Cave for almost 4 years now. It's an unusual, remarkable place than can change lives - all you have to do is show up.

Since joining The Cave, I've gone from a 38" to a 33" waist.
Since joining The Cave, I've saved ~45% on my life insurance premiums.
Since joining The Cave, I've resized my wedding band - it started slipping off in my ski gloves. - Noah Guyot

We're all motivated for different reasons, but I will say that my personal motivation, at age 65, is to aggressively hold ground and not sink into the inevitable debilities of old age. I can mark exactly the moment of my commitment.

It was at CVS almost 2 years ago when the pharmacist directed me to the section of the store where they kept a particular bandage for my increasingly sensitive skin. Rounding the corner per his directions, I saw an entire area of walkers, canes, high potty seats with handles and a wall full of diapers, but also my special bandages, Tegaderm Film. I walked away and pledged to myself, "Cross Fit for life!" I then started going 4 times a week and have passed my 2-year mark.

What results can I show for this? If we commit to our workouts, we all see the results of our efforts: more stamina, more extremity and core strength, and a generally increased muscularity. If we pursue the paleo diet or some version of it, we begin to see even more: steady slimming and trimming off those extra pounds, and an increased sense of well-being. My recent medical experience, though, acknowledged all of these anecdotal signs and added some clear evidence-based data to Cross Fit's benefits.

Medicare likes its new members to have baseline physicals. Then we know where we are and can measure where we go from there. I can safely say, it doesn't take much imagination to guess which direction that "going" takes! My new primary care physician ordered full blood tests and told me we would discuss the results when we met for my physical. I chose her as my PCP because her own bio described a physically active person who had been a personal trainer, mountaineer, diver, and she had done flying clinics in remote areas of Australia and New Zealand. At my appointment she began by remarking at my fitness. She told me she knew about Cross Fit, and had friends who were Cross Fitters. She was thrilled with my blood results generally, and remarked several times that I clearly appeared to be a "very physically fit and athletic" woman who showed excellent eating and exercise habits.

We are all unique. Her one area of concern was that my GFR - glomerular filtration rate - was just under the low normal. She urged me to do 2 things: hydrate-Hydrate-Hydrate (This is something we all should remember!) And avoid eating the red meat that places extra demands on my kidneys, staying with chicken and fish as my meat protein sources. That said though, she told me I had actually made her day by showing her what is possible at 65. She then looked at me and remarked, "I think your arms are better than mine, and I'm on a masters swim team!"

Cross Fit for life! - Marcia Trainer
Retired teacher